How to Promote a Product Launch

Launching Product

A product launch is one way to tell your target market that there’s something new brewing in your company. This provides you with an opportunity to tell your customers the latest features and the benefits of choosing the new item you’re selling.

Experts in promotional products cite the following techniques you can implement to promote your product launch effectively.

Partner with an Expert

One way to influence your audience is to team up with experts and influencers. They already have a steady following who listen to their every word. Tap into their network by providing them with the product you plan to launch. Let them review it and give them the autonomy to criticize or praise it. Find an authority within your chosen industry rather than base your decision on the number of followers.

Host a Giveaway or Online Contest

A giveaway and online contest generates buzz around your product launch. This excitement brings clicks and likes on your social media pages up to the lead up of the actual launching. Contests pique the interest of your target market and keep them excited in buying. Provide tickets to the event or exclusive previews.

Make It an Event

The actual product is important, but to create buzz around it, make it an event. Get a host that represents your brand and plan activities and giveaways. If you have a budget, have someone perform during the launch.

Allow Pre-Orders

Regardless of the size of your company, you may already have a customer base that will buy any product you release—think of people camping outside an Apple Store. Allow customers to pre-order to set word-of-mouth advertising in motion. This generates interest in your product and brand even before the actual launching.

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These are some of the strategies you can implement when you plan a product launch. These techniques allow you to pique the interest of your audience.