How to Incorporate “Green” Practices into Your Shipping Strategy

Shipping Strategy in MNRegardless of which mode of transportation you use for sending out packages to customers, you still add to the pollution. However, there are plenty ways to reduce the environmental impact of your shipping practices, and below are some of them:

  • Whenever possible, try to reduce your packaging by consolidating multiple orders from one customer. Try to fit in as many products in one box, but make sure that products won’t sustain damage during shipping. Determine if special packaging is really necessary such that packing filler might not be needed for products that are sturdier. Likewise, avoid double packaging when not really necessary, like packaged products inside a plastic or another box. You could also consider offering an incentive for customers who consolidate their items and use fewer packaging materials, adds a freight services provider in Eagan, MN.
  • Utilize eco-friendly fillers and containers. These include easily recyclable cardboard boxes and shredded or crumpled paper rather than styrofoam molds or peanuts. Make sure to reuse packaging you receive from your vendors, especially those durable boxes, fillers, and plastics.
  • Ship packages only when necessary because nowadays, you could easily deliver plenty of items electronically as downloadable files. These include software programs, license information, as well as documents like catalogs, product directions, and warranty details among others. You could consider giving customers a choice while they’re still ordering the product so that you’ll only ship these extra documents to those who actually need or want them.
  • Ship your products the most eco-friendly way possible. Apart from consolidating your shipments, there are other options you could consider to further reduce your carbon footprint and your shipping expenses. For example, consider a “no idling” rule for delivery trucks to decrease fuel wastage and lower greenhouse gas release, as well as safeguard your staff from daily exposure to harmful fumes. In addition and if at all possible, choose ground transport instead of air.
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While these ideas might seem inconsequential to some people, don’t let that bother you because pretty soon, you’ll see more “green” in the budget you allot for shipping, all while helping to save mother earth.