How to Enjoy London and Live an Ideal Life as a Student

London is a great option when it comes to studying and living your best life. It is full of life and has some of the best establishments and activities, meaning you will not find yourself at a loss for doing anything fun.

Here are some tips on living in London as a student, especially if you are planning to look for student houses to rent in London.

Get an Oyster Card

One of the best ways to travel around London is by bus, tube, tram and rail train services. You can pay your fare through an Oyster Card, which you should get the moment you set foot in London.

The card will help you save a lot of money. For example, the regular fare on a bus is at around £2.40. If you have an Oyster Card, it can go down to about £1.40. You get to save a pound or more every time you ride the bus, tram or tube. This is a significant amount of savings, especially for a student.

Obtain Your Student ID

Once you are enrolled in university, be sure to obtain your student ID as soon as possible. This will entitle you to a lot of discounts from stores, clubs, restaurants and shops, which is definitely a big deal. You should do everything in your power to save up, as London is a city that can be a bit expensive to live in.

Download Certain Applications

Students today are very lucky, as they get to reap the benefits of every city or location through apps and modern technology. London is no different and you can get many advantages if you explore certain apps and download them to help you get through the city.

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Some of the best apps that you should download are Uber, Viber, City Mapper, the TfL Oyster app and Regent Street.

Befriend the locals and ask the questions you have meant to ask. They would know where to eat, shop and get the best deals around. Enjoy your stay in London.