How Important are Symbols to Safety Signs?

Safety Systems Service

Safety Systems ServiceSafety signs and symbol illustrations have been an integral part of maintaining a secure workplace environment. However, data showed that focusing more on using symbols may be a better approach to convey a safety message.

Studies have attributed this to visual perception, which is responsible for more than 70% of what people learn every day.

Graphic Illustration

Safety signs are common in laboratories of manufacturing facilities. An environment where workers are required to wear protective gear will benefit from the use of safety symbols. A sign that shows a picture of two gloves or safety glasses can convey a message that these are highly important before entering a room.

The design of these signs has become more modernized, as evidenced by many providers that offer regulatory-compliant safety signs and symbols. By depicting hazards or safety precautions through images, there’s a better chance that workers would be more aware of the risks of not following these signs.

Other Advantages

Avoiding a costly lawsuit serves as another clear advantage of incorporating symbols to your set of workplace safety signs. In case of an accident, employers have a better chance of gaining a court ruling in their favor if they can prove the comprehensiveness of safety warnings.

Let’s take a non-English speaker for example. A worker may argue that they didn’t understand the written text on safety signs, but this claim can be refuted if warning signs have symbols that indicate the hazards of not following the instructions. This shows that using symbols allows companies to uphold workplace safety and protect their reputation and interests.

When planning to improve safety at the job site, consider the advantages of adding symbols to safety signs. This ensures that your employees remain safe while working in your business premises.

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