How Does Texas Aim to Improve its Cybersecurity Infrastructure?

Cyber security personel

Cyber security personelState government units and other public agencies in Texas plan will have better access to cybersecurity resources under the Managed Security Services (MSS) scheme.

Companies in the private sector should also aim to improve their cybersecurity strategies. While it can be expensive, a cost-efficient alternative would involve third-party IT services here in Texas. Outsourcing has become a trend since it allows businesses to save on costs from setting up an in-house IT group.

Changing Landscape

The need for better cybersecurity comes as online threats become more complex, according to Texas CIO Todd Kimbriel. The MSS contract will comprise “security monitoring and device management, incident response, and risk and compliance.”

Local government units can choose from these three key aspects based on their security requirements. Kimbriel said that a specific advantage of the program involves a streamlined identification of threats.

For instance, an MSS vendor’s cyber service can be for all agencies in case of a threat, even if only one agency requested for that specific service.

The program will also be crucial in the coming years, as U.S. Department of Commerce and the Department of Homeland Security expects a nationwide shortage of cybersecurity professionals.

Shortage of Skills

The two federal government units released a report that job vacancies in the cybersecurity sector would increase to 1.8 million by 2022, up from just 299,000 in August 2017. This only indicated that companies would struggle to find qualified candidates in the near future.

Fortunately, this paved the way for the growth of outsourced IT service providers. If you are worried about the costs of maintaining a cybersecurity program, some third-party IT providers let you save as much as half of the price as opposed to buying the equipment and creating an in-house team.

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Public and private sector groups should reconsider their cybersecurity strategies, especially if you deal with sensitive information. A third-party service provider can help you with this while making sure that you don’t spend more than necessary.