How Can You Prevent Mold Buildup?

Mold-infested walls

Molds can trigger allergy attacks and cause respiratory health problems. They breed in damp areas and grow fast, which make them difficult to eliminate completely. But you can do something to prevent mold buildup.

You should contact mold remediation experts in Ogden as soon as you see an early sign of mold buildup. The following tips can help you ward off those annoying fungi:

1. Keep your bathroom dry and well-ventilated.

You should make it a habit to wipe your shower and walls with a towel to keep it dry. It will be helpful to wash your shower curtain and tiles regularly.

You should also consider using a shower curtain that dries easily. Disinfect your bathroom once a week to keep it fresh and clean. An exhaust fan can contribute to drying the area quickly and it allows air to circulate.

2. Keep your kitchen spic and span.

Don’t let used utensils and dishes to pile up in the sink; wash them right away. Make sure that all the pots and pans are dry before you keep them.

In addition, wipe the countertop to dry. You should also clean all cabinets, drawers, and cupboards once a month. An exhaust fan can also help keep the area humid-free.

3. Clean your fabric, upholstery, wooden furniture, and carpet regularly.

Wash fabric in hot water and chlorine or oxygen bleach. Vacuum upholstery and use ammonia with water to clean it. You can use a sponge to remove stains. Finish it with cold water then dry it off with a fan.

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You can use a soft brush to loosen spores in wooden furniture. To dry it up, wipe it with a damp cloth. You may want to polish it if needed.

Make sure that you vacuum your carpets thoroughly to remove stains and mold growth. Use a liquid soap and cool water mixture when washing them. Rinse thoroughly and let them dry.

4. Keep your home moist-free.

You must hang your wet clothes and towels outside to dry. Minimize indoor plants as molds thrive in plant soil. Check pipes for leaks and fix them promptly.

Aside from dehumidifiers and fans, it helps if you will open your windows for air circulation. It will also help reduce moisture inside your home especially during warm days.

Molds are slightly in your home and can cause damage to your property and health. That’s why you should eradicate them. If all methods fail to reduce them, it’s time to call a professional cleaning service.