How a Trampoline Can be your Ultimate Workout Device


Trampoline Workout Did you know that you can get a good dose of exercise while having a fun jumping up and down a trampoline? Rebounding is a form of exercise that uses trampoline.

Learn more about rebounding and its health benefits.

Rebounding: An Overview

Rebounding is a type of exercise where you use a trampoline to jump up and down repeatedly. It is either done by making small bounces while keeping your feet in touch with the trampoline’s fabric surface or by making repeated high jumps.

The idea of rebounding is not at all new, as it started several decades ago. It only became famous during the 80s when NASA conducted a research on how this form of exercise can help reverse damage sustained by astronauts after travelling in space.

Since then, it was used by many people as a form of workout. Rebounding provides an impressive array of benefits that will make you want to look for regular or rectangular trampolines for sale. According to, here are some of the things you can expect when you rebound.

Benefits of Rebounding

Rebounding could be a great way to maintain a healthy weight. It can be beneficial to those who wish to reduce weight. Jumping or bouncing on a trampoline can effectively help burn calories. According to Web MD, a thirty-minute trampoline workout can help you burn up to 160 calories.

This exercise can also help you improve your balance and coordination. When you jump and down repeatedly, you simultaneously use your muscles and limbs, boosting body coordination and sense of balance. These things are very important for dancers, athletes, and people who engage in intense physical activities on a daily basis.

Rebounding can also help strengthen your abdominal core. Repeated flexing of your body everytime you jump helps tone your stomach and abdominal muscles. This results to dashboard abs that you’ve always wanted to have. Moreover, it can also help you condition your lower body, especially your legs and buttocks.

You see, trampolines can be more than just a fun outdoor device for the kids and the kids at heart. It can also be great workout equipment for a fitter and healthier body.