Here Are Hacks to Keep Your Employees Productive In an Open-Plan Office

Open space officeIt used to be that everyone at the workplace strived for the corner office with a gorgeous view. Not anymore. As modern businesses move towards more collaborative working spaces, open-plan workspaces are becoming more commonplace.

But, how can you keep employees even more productive in such a layout? Here are four suggestions.

Buy movable furniture

Open-plan offices are a great booster to collaboration, especially when most members of your team are extroverts. But, the chances are that there are some on your team that would prefer working individually, it’s best to invest in furniture from Online Office Furniture that can be reconfigured to allow for this.

Provide seating alternatives

Making your employees sit down all day will literally kill them. No kidding. Employees who spend eight hours or more seated every day have a 15% higher chance of dying within four years than their counterparts. This is why you need to have such alternatives as high desks where employees have the option to stand as they work.

Establish appropriate rules

While an open plan office provides diversity and flexibility, chaos can easily ensue. This is especially the case if you don’t have proper rules on how space should be used. For instance, insisting people desist from taking calls or playing music while in the working space can keep everyone focused.

Let the management share the space, too

Having your managers spend more time with your workers is a good idea. This gives them a better chance to understand what your employees experience on a day-to-day basis. You can ask them to spend half the day working side-by-side with your employees and the rest of the day in their office handling other affairs.

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An open-plan office can significantly boost productivity in your workplace if you put in place strategies to keep your staff comfortable and focused. Usually, a few tweaks to your current plan are all it takes to achieve this.