Give Your Home a New Look With These 3 Renovation Projects

Home Renovation Projects in WellingtonYour home is an extension of yourself. As you continue working on being a better you, it only makes sense to update your home’s look once in a while. You have invested a lot of time and thought when you built and bought this home, it won’t hurt to keep caring for it as you continue to enjoy living in it.

Of course, home renovation can run you up heaps of money–but that doesn’t always have to be the case. There are projects that make a big impact without breaking the bank.

Here are some suggestions from Gavin Chan Decorators Limited.

Toilet remodel

Visitors often remember the toilet of your house more than anything else. Maybe it’s time to give it a new look. There are many options around when it comes to remodeling your loo. Change the fixtures with updated looks like a stone and tile finish which is very trendy these days. Consider choosing a new theme–maybe something more playful and adventurous this time.

Interior repaint

One thing that makes homes look brand new without having to smash it down and build a new one is a repaint! Yes, a paint job. Enlist the help of interior painters in Wellington who would be willing to help you from planning, budgeting, to finishing up your interiors. Repainting interiors will give your house a massive change in aesthetic so choose the colours carefully!

New front yard

It’s the first thing visitors see. It’s the entry to your beautiful home. Changing the look of your front yard will update the look of your whole house. It’s not just a bit of gardening. Consider putting up new plants altogether, a new stepping stone path straight to your door, and putting up lighting fixtures.

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When updating the look of your home, you don’t always have to bust out the savings account and spend your year’s salary on a full-blown construction. Consider the options above and see how dramatic these small steps can change the look and feel of your home!