Fun and Function: 4 Great Ideas for Party Favors

Party FavorWhen you’re throwing a party, you need to mull over many elements to create the kind of event people would want to go to. Other than the location, food, and entertainment, it’s also important to pay attention to the type of party favors you’re going to give away. Here are some cool ideas for adult party favors that will remind your guests of the good times they had.

Refrigerator Magnets

Refrigerator magnets are not limited to travel souvenirs you get for family and friends. If you have a logo designed specifically for your event, you can turn them into customized magnets. Don’t have a logo or an emblem? No problem! You can turn photos into fridge magnets too. Even the experts from agree that these small trinkets deliver both nostalgia and function. This is the reason many businesses provide their customers with customized refrigerator magnets.

DIY S’mores Packs

Food giveaways are always crowd favorites. Forget the cupcakes and lollipops. DIY snack packs are not only fun; they’re also extremely cheap to make. You just need to buy packs of graham crackers, large marshmallows, and a bite-sized version of your favorite milk or dark chocolate. Pack them nicely with ribbons and tags, and voila – you got instant S’mores pack. What’s cool about these is that your guests can assemble them on their own and heat them in a microwave or even a toaster.

Customized Hand Sanitizer

There are companies who specialize in creating scents for hand sanitizers. But if you’re on the DIY route, you can simply buy large quantities of your favorite hand sanitizer brand, pocket-sized spray bottles and some sticker labels to write on. It’s so easy and functional your guests will love it.

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Buy several brands of mints packaged in cute tin cans. Again, if you’re doing things yourself, you can get tin cans by the dozen and large quantities of your favorite mint brand. With a little DIY packaging, you can have personalized mint packs for your event and your guests.

Do your guests a favor and get them party favors that are both fun and functional. Forget the glass figurines. On your next event, have fun preparing the best party souvenirs!