For Special Purposes, The Tipper Truck is a User’s Choice

a tipper truck dumping wasteManufacturers build truck bodies according to their purpose. There are different kinds of trucks, which include closed vans, side-drop trucks, pickups, as well as those with buckets, lifts, and cranes.

When transporting different kinds of loose materials, tipper body or trailer truck is usually called for the task. These are custom trucks with a hydraulic ram to lift the front of the box bed and tip the contents out the back.


Although, typically, tipper trucks come in large sizes straight out of the factory, smaller sizes can be custom built to the buyer’s size. These fitted tippers can also incorporate different types of steel, according to buyer specifications.

These trucks can carry different kinds of loads and are essential equipment in infrastructure, construction and road building. Construction sites can use these to carry gravel, sand, earth, ore, and even rubbish and debris. The lifting capability is what sets these trucks apart from other vehicles.

Tipping the rear box allows the contents to pour down the length of the bed to pile up at the back. There is no need to shovel or otherwise push or scoop the load out of bed.

With custom-made tipper trucks, these can follow the owner’s specifications, which makes them useful for specific needs. Small gravel and sand delivery trucks can be for carrying construction materials to home projects.

Manufactures could make larger trucks and trailers for a long haul of materials. Additionally, the owner can choose which kind of steel material to use for the truck bed.

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Moving, Construction and Transporting

Not all materials are already packed before transporting. Besides loose construction materials, tipper trucks could transport other types. Tippers are perfect for transporting are loose produce straight from the farm to the mill.

Contractors can also use tippers to carry other items, including old furniture items for transport to the dump site.