For Event Organisers: A Guide to Developing Appropriate Badges

Organising an event takes more than coming up with a venue and doing the decor. Some details, which may appear minute, will have a great impact on the success of the event you are hosting.

Badging presents a first point of contact with attendants. It is also a great opportunity to create a positive first impression. With technology, you can print ID badges online within no time. However, it takes more than a click to come up with ideal badges for specific events. Here are factors to consider.


How long a badge lasts depends on the qualityof the parts and accessories attached to it. More durable badges will usually have plastic wallets and have holders. For events that take a longer time, it is best to go for durable badges that will last the whole duration of the event. Paper inserts, on the other hand, are easy to design and appropriate for short term use.


Having the wrong people in an event may spell trouble. You only want invited participants accessing the event and facilities offered. To ensure this, add security details to the badge. Photographs are appropriate for identification while barcodes can help track access privileges and attendance. Holograms and holofoils minimise the risk of reproduction. Add these features to reinforce security.

Type of event

Different badges are suitable for different occasions. Sporting events go well with large badges, so they can accommodate clear visual identifying features. Exhibitions, trade shows, and conferences would do best with adhesive as these are quick to produce. For formal events, PVC badges are most suitable. They are not only subtle but appropriate for formal attire associated with business events.

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The kind of badge you pick will determine if you print them in advance or on the arrival of the guests. Badges with security features need to be prepared early enough. Also, speak with your client on the number of people in attendance as mass production on site may be cumbersome.