Five Tips to Extending the Life of Your Equipment

Example of Heavy MachineryInvesting on equipment is a statement of trust just as much on the manufacturer’s ability to create products that last as it is on the owner’s ability to properly use and maintain the product. No matter the type of machine you have or the applications you are dedicating it to, consider the following to maximise the return on your investment:

1. Keep every person involved informed.

Heavy machinery are not built to be operated by a single person throughout their lifespan, which is why manuals and training services exist. An excavator could end up under several companies before it is decommissioned, all using it in different settings and at for different projects. Businesses would do well to set best practice guidelines and impart the knowledge to every operator they have. This keeps working standards high and potential surprises low.

2. Keep everything clean.

More than the equipment itself, it is important to operate heavy machinery in locations where the surroundings are less likely to break anything. Professionals from Bison Equipment, a seller of low loader trailers, stress the importance of a clean environment not only in prolonging equipment lifespan, but also in maintaining safe working conditions for operators.

3. Check for signs of wear.

No industrial company would be caught dead without a maintenance and repair schedule, but the quick inspection here and there wouldn’t hurt either. This is especially advisable if a particular piece of equipment is subjected to vibration, shock, high temperatures and friction on a regular basis. Wear and tear does not follow a schedule, which is why these occasional inspections are crucial.

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Heavy equipment are designed and built not to easily break down, but the correspondingly high amount of abuse they tend to function through must never be ignored if companies want their investments to remain valuable for more than just a few jobs.