Electrician Job Categories Today

An Electrician Working on an Electricity Box

Without electricity, a significant portion of residential and commercial operations would slowly stop. This makes an electrician one of the integral experts for the smooth running of homes, offices, and industries. Different types of electricians handle various issues.

When considering electrician job opportunities in companies like PeopleReady, the pay that you expect is one of the determinants of your ideal position. The salary for different electrician categories varies over time and the requirements of the industry. Here are some of the best-paying types:

Residential Electricians

These are trained to upgrade, install, and maintain residential electrical equipment and wiring. Residential electricians may also install exterior landscape lighting. The pay per job may not be as high as other electrician categories if your job pays you per task. However, the positions are in plenty, so you can make “little” but earn it frequently.

Commercial Electricians

In this category, your job will include the repair, maintenance, and installation of electrical circuits and appliances in commercial and industrial buildings. Commercial electricians handle much the same tasks as private ones but on a larger magnitude. The pay for commercial electricians is better compared to private ones since the clients heavily rely on electricity to make profits.

Automobile Electricians

These are typically the highest paid machine assembly electricians. They are unionized employees with various fees and dues to pay, but their high wage makes this hassle-free. If you love tinkling with machines and watching them come to life, this is the best career option for you.

According to a recent survey, over 95% of electricians are now on full-time employment, and the numbers are expected to keep growing with the many innovations coming up. To stand out among other electricians, you need to have a high intellectual ability and excellent interpersonal skills. There are various licensing requirements in different states for electricians, so ensure that you are aware of what your state requires.

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