Do You Know Who the Heaviest Drinkers in the World Are?

Heavy Drinkers

Heavy DrinkersA lesser-known country in Eastern Europe has put itself on the map, at least in terms of alcoholic consumption worldwide, according to World Health Organization (WHO) data between 2010 and 2015.

Moldova topped the list of 196 countries with statistics showing that its citizens drink the equivalent of 178 wine bottles per person on an annual basis. Pure alcohol consumption in the country measured 17.4 liters per person each year. Two other Eastern European countries tied at second place. People from Belarus and Lithuania consume 17.1 liters of pure alcohol per person each year.

The U.S. ranked in the relatively moderate side of alcohol consumption, placing 49th with nine liters of alcohol consumption per year each year. That’s equivalent to 558 beer bottles. The country’s brewers have recently sought to improve their products by adding nutritional information on beer labels.

Booze Nation

In what seems like a regional display of dominance, most of the heaviest drinkers in the world come from Russia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Andorra, Romania, and Serbia. Australia completed the top 10 list.

Kuwaitis and Pakistanis are on the sober side of the WHO’s data, as drinkers from these countries only consuming an average of 100ml of alcohol per person every year, equal to a bottle of wine. Religious beliefs serve as the main reason behind the small amount of alcohol intake.

Healthy Beer

In the U.S., the Beer Institute said that manufacturing companies would voluntarily add nutritional information on their products with a target implementation by the end of 2020. Other details such as the number of calories and freshness dating will also be included on beer labels.

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Six breweries have welcomed the proposal and their participation in the initiative will be evident, as their combined production accounts for more than 81% of the total volume of beer products sold in the U.S., according to the institute.

Drinking beer has been part of our culture and it’s becoming a bigger industry than nobody can imagine. Drink moderately, as professionals advise.