Do Social Signals Make a Difference on Your SEO?

Social Media for SEOSocial signals –- marketers are still on two sides of the fence regarding their role in boosting online presence. To this day, Google has remained tight-lipped about the effect of social signals on a website’s SEO performance. But, recent case studies are quick to prove the contrary. Under the right circumstances, SEOs see a correlation between high social signals and higher ranking.

SEO guru Neil Patel insists that if you want the most out of your marketing campaign, you have no choice but to get social signals. Explore opportunities on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, and see where that leads you.

Correlation between Social Signals and High Ranking

To prove the impact of social signals on SEO rankings, Patel provides an animated infographic discussing case studies by,, and several other unnamed websites.

Patel says, with the rise of the most prominent social sites, Google and Bing started considering social signals to determine a website’s ranking, including how many Facebook likes, shares, and Retweets a URL has. The case studies were able to put this to the test.

For example, tried to rank a page for a non-competitive keyword using social signals alone. A few days later, the page climbed to the 1st page in after being in the 400th spot.

Meanwhile, got onto the first page for the keyword “Beginner’s Guide” after a popular magazine site tweeted about their blog “Beginner’s Guide to SEO.”

Moreover, one of the websites had a ranking boost of 14.63% after receiving a hundred Google+ followers, while another site’s ranking went up by 6.9% after getting 70 Facebook shares and 50 Facebook likes.

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Moving Forward

It might not be written in the textbooks, but the benefits of social signals are clear to see. Google’s dismissal of social signals as a ranking factor shouldn’t be seen as an invitation to ignore its impact on SEO. Instead, marketers should widen their concept of SEO to consider the gamut of ways to boost their ranking and improve overall search visibility.