Direct Response: Marketing Game Changer

Small Business

Small BusinessBusiness competition is getting tougher and tougher in various fields. This is partially true because of the rise of new businesses as well as the strengthening of established ones. While there is no way for your small business to match that of bigger companies’ advertisements, there are other ways for you to get you brand known — through direct response marketing, notes an expert from

What is direct response marketing?

Direct response marketing is another form of marketing that cost less than traditional marketing (i.e. media advertisements). While direct response marketing also utilises TV and other forms of traditional media, it does so in a different manner.

Direct response marketing is designed to induce a response from its clients either through calling, emailing or visiting their stores etc. This is seen as an effective tool because it entices people to respond and communicate with the company, something consumers highly value.

How can small businesses benefit from it?

Aside from significantly costing lower than other marketing strategies, small business would be able to benefit from direct response marketing through 3 major ways — communication, expansion and time utilisation. A direct response would mean direct communication between the company and the client. Having direct means of communicating can help companies reap a more direct and accurate response and information. This type of marketing can also help companies have a wider reach without spending as much. Lastly, there would be no down time inside your offices as spare time can be used to respond to your customer’s inquiries, needs and orders. The list of benefits for small business can still go on. It is just a matter of properly utilising this method to your company’s advantage.

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Being small does not mean you would remain small forever. There are ways, such as direct response marketing, to help you make it to the business with the big guys.