Design with Mirrors: A Beginner’s Guide

Whole Body Mirror with Wooden FrameMany people go to great lengths to beautify their homes. But some are more subdued and only enhance their property with accentuated pieces and accessories. If you are of the latter, you would know the dilemma of choosing design pieces to adorn your personal space.

One of the staple pieces that people choose to make their places stand out is a mirror. It is easy to get overwhelmed with the variety of mirrors in Auckland, but worry no more. Here are three tips to ace incorporating mirrors to your home.

Size matters

The size of the mirror you select has an impact on the overall look of your space. How should you choose the size of the mirror? It depends on the purpose of the mirror in the space. Do you want it to be the focal point, an accentuating piece, or a background? If you want the mirror to be a centrepiece in your home, make sure that it is large enough to serve as a focal point. Choose a big mirror without a frame to create a background mirror.

Style is star

The type of mirror should reflect your style and aesthetics. Also, the kind of mirror that you choose should be consistent with the overall feel of a room. When considering a mirror as an accent, the frame matters. If you are going for an eclectic feel, choose a whimsical frame. For a more traditional feel, choose an ornate feel. For a more modern look, choose a frame with simple lines.

Shape shines

The shape is likewise important in choosing a mirror. A long horizontal mirror adds a feeling of height to a space while mirrors with lots of angles lend the feeling of restraint.

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You go the extra mile in making your home beautiful and inviting. Make the use of mirrors work for you by following these three simple tips.