Bring into Focus: The Principle of Outdoor Focal Point

Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor FireplaceThe focal point is one of the primary principles in interior design. It’s what makes a space visually pleasing and easy to design. If a space lacks focal point, then you’re missing a great deal of aesthetic potential.

The Principle of Focal Point

Focal point is an element in the space that captures interest and attention. It’s the feature that designers want people to first look at when they enter a room.

Focal point is crucial because being the emphasis point, it’s what usually dictates how you create the rest of your design. You’ve probably applied this principle yourself, making the fireplace or an art piece the focal point in your living room. But this can be applied outdoors, too. If done correctly, it can instantly turn your patio into a visual oasis.

Focal Point Outdoors

The key to creating a focal point in your yard is determining the atmosphere or mood you want to create in that space. For instance, if the primary use of your yard is to have those intimate family conversations and you want to have that warm, cozy vibe, a firepit can be a focal point. A popular choice nowadays is outdoor fire glass, as it’s low-maintenance, eco-friendly, and long-lasting.

You may also choose to have a water element as your focal point if what you’re after is a relaxing mood in the yard. A swimming pool can be an emphasis point. From here, you’ll be able to add landscaping features which will fill up the space easily. For a more budget-friendly option, go for a mini fountain or a waterfall area. They can also be a visually appealing feature, not to mention, the relaxing sound of bubbling water they create, which instantly catches the viewer’s eyes.

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Walls can also be focal points, as in many cases, a good backdrop is just what an outdoor space needs. Garden walls provide an ideal backdrop to set your yard up. Again, depending on the atmosphere you want to create, you may choose stone, brick, or a green living wall.

Focal point is an important principle in interior design, but it’s often forgotten, robbing the space of aesthetic potential. Don’t miss it. Use focal point creatively to turn your space into a visual oasis.