Architectural Styles to Choose from for Design & Build Projects

3D modeled house with measurements and notes written around

Whenever you want to build a commercial or residential project, the architectural style of the house is among the first things that you must come up with; and, unless you are an experienced builder, you may not know the style you exactly need, although you could be having an idea of what that you want. It is necessary to work with a reputable design and construction company to help you realise your dream house design.

Below are some of the architectural styles that you can choose from for your construction project:


The buildings in this style have either sloped or flat roofs. The structures also have minimal decorations on the walls, although there must be at least one statement piece that stands out on the wall. However, every architectural piece you use should match other surrounding features.

International Style

These buildings have flat roofs with the windows flushing with outer walls. A unique feature about this style is that walls are usually blank. The walls act as a curtain over the building, and it can be challenging locating features such as hidden doors.

National Style

A majority of private homes use this architectural style. The buildings can either have front or side-gabled corrugated metal roofs alongside horizontal weatherboarding.


Buildings that use this style exhibit varying characteristics in their materials, colours and heights. You can find some aspects that are from the traditional architectural style, but with more detailed features, sleek curves, and sharp edges.


This architectural style borrows a lot from the traditional styles, including the full columns and arched windows. The style can have a neo-fix, such as Neo-French and Neo-Mediterranean, to indicate the origin of the style.

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The architectural style you choose for your construction project will determine the overall look of the building and the cost that you are to incur. However, when working with a design and construction company, you can be sure that you will achieve the exact results that you had envisioned, and within your estimated budget.