All Rights Reserved: Intellectual Property Preservation and Protection

Intellectual Property Protection in ProvoNowadays, being unique is the new normal — well, kind of.

When you search the Internet, tons of materials become available: ideas, recipes, and how-to-do instructions, among others.

But, one thing most people don’t see is that many of these things only appear unique. What happens is that everyone is just passing around the same ideas, only making slight changes to make it seem new and interesting.

According to Centurion Security & Investigations Inc., uniqueness is the most valuable thing in business. That’s why, when a new product comes out on the market, it must come with an Intellectual Property (IP) rights. Below are some the ways to do just that:

Patent Before the Release

When you have a new invention, always patent it. The only way to have rights to a new idea or invention is by legally owning it. So, before you introduce your discovery to anyone, secure full rights to it by applying for a patent.

Learn Other Ways to Own What’s Yours

Apart from a patent, there are other ways to secure a piece of unique idea or creation. Educate yourself on the basics of trademarks, copyrights, and trade secret information.

Get Legal Arm

Sometimes, the process of applying for Intellectual Property rights can be cruel. With many others also applying, you’re bound to have a problem. Most of the time, people’s inventions are so much alike it becomes impossible to own something. So, for better success, consult a lawyer.

File as Fast as Possible

It’s possible for two people to come up with the same new thing. To prevent this dilemma, register as soon as you have the blueprint and actual invention, idea, system, or product.

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Note: The patent from U.S. differs from the patent in Europe. If you’re planning to go global with your new invention, always check if someone else from wherever already owns the same thing.