A Guide to the Different Types of Sewer Systems for Municipals

Utility workers cleaning the sewers

Utility workers cleaning the sewersNo municipal is complete without a sewer system. An efficient sewer system will keep your city clean and maintain the health of the residents.

Many factors influence an area’s sewer system. Topography, soil type, weather and the size of the municipal are some of these factors. A firm that specializes in civil engineering in New Orleans is best placed to evaluate your area and advise you on the best sewer system for you.

Here are some of the systems the experts might recommend:

Separate Systems

These systems comprise two pipes for storm water and sanitary water drainage. The storm water pipe carries the contents to local streams while the sanitary drainage pipe brings its contents to wastewater treatment plants. This is an eco-friendly option since it is cheap and there is minimal chance of pollution of water bodies since the pipes individually carry a small amount of water. Separate sewer systems, however, have high maintenance costs.

Combined Systems

These systems have one pipe for storm water and sanitary water drainage. They are easy to clean owing to their large diameter pipes, and the raw sewage requires less treatment since it is diluted by storm water. A combined system, however, places a significant load on water treatment plants since a substantial amount of water is conveyed.  There is also a considerable risk of this system overflowing in rainy seasons, which poses significant health risks.

Partially Separate Systems

This system has one pipe for carrying sewage and storm water from buildings and another pipe for draining pavements, roads and streets. A partially separate system is easy to clean and less likely to overflow as the content is not too much. It, however, has higher installation costs compared to other systems.

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A well-laid and properly thought out system will serve your municipal for an extended period. It will also cost less in maintenance and repair costs. It is hence imperative to work with a competent civil engineering firm to get value for your money.