A Guide for Choosing the Perfect Metal Band for Diamond Engagement Rings

diamond ringsWhen choosing an engagement ring for your significant other, you take the gemstone into serious consideration. Often enough, diamonds are the safe choice. You cannot solely focus on the gemstone, however, and forget about the actual band.

Hatton Garden diamond engagement ring shops use various types of precious metals for the band of engagement rings. Keep in mind that your choice of metal band must complement the gemstone and enhance its beauty. Here are three precious metals you can choose from.


Platinum is the most precious among jewellery metals. It is white with a cool greyish lustre, thus showcasing magnificently the brilliance of diamonds. It is also durable with a high density, providing a safe setting for the gemstone. Furthermore, this type of metal is naturally hypoallergenic, making it suitable for people with allergies and sensitive skin.


Gold is an elegant, timeless and romantic choice for your engagement band. It comes in three tones including white, rose and yellow gold with various alloys to boost the band’s strength. This type of metal generally costs less than platinum but it is also less durable.


Silver is also a satisfactory choice of metal band when paired with a diamond. It is more affordable than most precious metals and is stronger when alloyed with other metals. This type of metal, however, may tarnish rapidly when not cleaned regularly.

Making a Choice

People may know all about diamonds but not all are knowledgeable about metal bands. If you are looking for an engagement ring to propose with, consider this:

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Platinum, gold and silver are three of the most common types of metals for diamond engagement rings. They may vary in prices and, generally speaking, bands made from pure metals cost higher than alloy or mixed metal bands. Furthermore, all three are of high quality. Whichever metal band you choose, you can be sure that it will last a lifetime.