5 Must-Read Tips for Getting the Perfect Passport Photo

PassportYour passport photo will be with you for a maximum of 10 years, so make sure to get a great one. It should accurately depict your appearance to avoid delays in your application and issues with security agents.

Fortunately, you just need a few minutes to accomplish a passport photo. But before going to a photography studio in Utah for your passport picture, here are some important tips that can help you get that perfect photo:

Your glasses

Glasses have been banned from passport photos just recently. This is because of the glare problem that they pose. Whether or not the camera has flash, your glasses can produce glare.


Make sure to wear solid colors with a v-neck or scoop neck cuts. It’s wise to pick a color that would match your skin tone. Don’t ever wear black or white on your passport photo day.

Hair and make-up

Put your hair down and just brush the tangles. If you have curls, bring about the curls and volume of your hair. If there is frizz, smooth them down with gels or moisturizers. As for the make-up, put on face powder that can absorb your oils. Ladies can put a bit more details like shaping up the brow, applying mascara, or putting a bit of blush and lip gloss.


Filters are just for social media. Overexposed or bright photos can project your skin tone differently. On the other hand, shadows can cause you problems. Remember, your photo should be clear.


Your photo needs to be taken within six months of submitting your documents. In this way, they can verify that the person in the photo is you.

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Once you have a handle on these tips, you will surely have that picture-perfect passport photo you’ve been dreaming about. So, prep up and relax. Sit down in front of the camera, push your shoulders back, put your chin out than normal, put your lips together, and smile.