4 Ways to Successfully Organise a Writing Retreat in Sydney

a woman writing on her notebookSydney may not exactly be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear of writing retreats. The usual imagery that we visualise when we think of writing retreats is an old house in the middle of the woods or a gorgeous residence near a lake. But due to the variety that Sydney offers, there is a valid reason why a writing retreat in this metropolis will work.

The following tips will help you organise or join a writing retreat successfully:

Take a tour of Sydney

Sydney is too great a city for the writers to pass up a chance to tour it. Destinations like the Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach and the Circular Quay are great stops to make on this tour. Your experience in seeing the tourist spots may inspire you to write. The people you will be observing in the tour may also be character prompts. To make the tour less stressful, you can hire a bus service in Sydney.

Set retreat rules

You will be dealing with different individuals here, so it would be a good thing if you set retreat rules and explain them to the participants on the first day. The rules will serve as a guide for everyone on how to act or behave.

Choose a great venue

Go all-out with the venue you will be choosing. Depending on the activities that you are planning, a mansion or a camp is a good choice.

Divide the venue into zones

Draw some lines in the venue, so you can create zones. One zone you can make is the All-Silence zone where no one is allowed to speak with each other, so everyone can concentrate on writing.

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What you need to understand is that a writing retreat is a chance for writers to finish their projects and interact with their fellow authors. These retreats must be a quiet, inspiring and social experience for them.