4 Ways to Keep Your Windows Clean Much Longer

windows on white frame

windows on white frameYour windows are one of the things that people will notice when they look at your house. That’s why most people prefer hiring residential window cleaning services in Salt Lake City to do the job for them. Just ask utahwindowcleaning.net.

But what if there’s a way to prevent it from getting dirty for weeks?

1. Keep objects away from the house

You may want to keep the barbeque grill away from the windows to prevent any grease or oil from splattering your glass windows. You may also want to trim any trees and bushes from your home.

Doing so will prevent any pollens from gathering on the glass. Trimming the plants away from your home will reduce the amount of pollen that may get trapped in your windows.

2. Use a squeegee

Instead of spraying the windows with a glass cleaner and then rubbing it around, apply the cleaning solution to your clothe and remove any excess soap and water with a squeegee. Ensure that you’re using the right cleaning solution so you’ll be able to keep your windows clean for several weeks.

3. Always use the exhaust fan when you cook

It’s always advisable to use the kitchen exhaust fan when you’re cooking. Doing so will help all your kitchen windows to stay clean longer since the exhaust fan can effectively remove the oils trapped in your kitchen.

4. Keep the furnace air filters clean

Ensure that the air filter is clean at all times to eliminate any dust that might accumulate on your windows. You should clean your air ducts periodically to remove any dust and dirt trapped in it.

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These are just a few factors to consider if you want to keep your windows clean for a longer time. You might want to do some further readings to get more tips on how to properly maintain your windows.