4 Essential Things to Consider when Renting a Crane

crane lifting a steel container

For many institutions, renting equipment is a better alternative to purchasing. Not only do you get to avoid storage expenses, but are also spared the maintenance costs that come with owning equipment. If you’ve recently been thinking of renting a crane, there are several essential things that you need to consider first. Here are four of them:

The contract

Every crawler crane company in Houston requires clients to sign a contract when renting a crane. This contract contains usage limitations and conditions. It’s very important that you read and understand it completely. If you need help, have your attorney explain it to you. The last thing you want is to end up in court for violating any stipulations.

The clearance needs

Cranes come in a variety of sizes. Before you decide on the right size, you need to determine the size of the site you’ll be working on. If the site is large, then you don’t need to worry about the clearance requirements for operating the crane. But if the worksite is considerably small, then hiring a large crane is the wrong move.

The crane operator

Operating a crane requires a certain set of skills. The crane operator needs to be licensed. If you intend to have one of your employees operate the crane, check to make sure their license is up to date. Determine whether the hiring agency allows their cranes to be operated by other people, or they require you to hire one of their employees for the job.

The renting agency

This is, of course, a given, but it’s important that it’s included in the list. The company you decide to rent a crane from needs to be certified, reputable, and trustworthy. Ask around for referrals, and beware of any red flags.

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Hiring a crane may seem like an easy matter, but it isn’t. Due diligence is essential to make sure you make the right decisions.