4 Considerations When Designing Your Office

a modern office designThe average Londoner spends at least 33 hours a week in the office. This is more than the rest of the UK. For this reason, the office should be welcoming, comfortable and a place you look forward to spending most of your working day. When designing the office, here are some of the questions you should ask yourself.

The Available Space

This will determine the colours, furniture, and design to go for. If you have a small workplace, make it look spacious by painting warm tones and having less furniture. It is important to note that new trends can affect the office environment. For example, advanced technology has allowed many workplaces to adopt remote working. This has dramatically reduced the need for office space. 

The company’s identity

How do you want people to think about the business when they look at the design? The design should tell who you are at a glance and at the same time be warm and welcoming. It should also encourage the employees to be productive and team players.

The Cost

The budget you have put aside for the venture will determine the design work to be carried out. Office interior designers like Whiteleys Office Furniture in London offer various packages giving you a variety of options to choose from. They can change the entire look from painting the walls to buying new furniture or just change a few things to accommodate your budget. Your tastes can also influence the cost.

The Employees Needs

Other than having comfortable working areas, the office design should also encourage teamwork, socialising and relaxing. This will enable the employees to deliver more. 

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As you carry out the design, consider not just your present needs but also focus on the future growth of your office. This way you will avoid inconveniences some years from now.