3 Ways to Repair a Tainted Online Reputation

Online Reputation

Online ReputationAs the cliché goes, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. This may work, but everything has to fall into place. Bad PR may circulate and ruin the reputation of your business, especially if it is so easy to publish negative comments about people, companies, products or services. It may happen to your brand and you should be ready to start rebuilding your online reputation before it’s too late.

Play Within Your Field

PR agency in Melbourne cites that the knee-jerk reaction of many companies to bad press is immediate retaliation to a basher. One comment that has a long thread piques the interest of others and may have a negative impact on your reputation. The smart move is to step back and strategise with your team before releasing any statement or replying to anyone. The last thing you want to do is generate more negative PR and lose control of the situation. This moment of weakness provides your competitors with ammunition to hit back and take some of your customers.

Own Up and Do Better

Apologising is not a sign of weakness, even in a highly competitive business industry. If you make a mistake, covering it up with layers of no-comments or false info make matters worse. This may result in a more negative press for your brand and products. After making a statement, deliver on your promise to do better. This not only makes a positive press, but also an interesting story of redemption that may even stir discussion.

Take Control

You have to identify the bad press immediately, as this allows you to take full control of the situation as soon as it happens. Solve the problem on your own terms by following your company’s values and objectives. It’s your business, so know how to take control.

A poor online reputation may put you out of business; you need to control the situation and act on your statements to do better to avoid alienating your current and potential customers.