3 Ways to Protect Your Eyes

Little girl having her eyes checkedBetween 2011 and 2012, researchers found that nearly 12 million Australians are suffering from eye health problems. The most common issues are short- and long-sightedness. Now, remember that these are the reported and diagnosed ones.

There could be millions more who have undiagnosed and unreported eye problems. If you want to protect your eyes, you don’t have to go to extremes measures, here are simple ways on how to safeguard your eyes’ health.

Wear the right eye protection

Wearing sunglasses, trendy or not, is not just about fashion. Most importantly, it’s all about protecting your eyes from the damages the sun’s rays can do.

Wearing prescribed eyeglasses is also a way of safeguarding your eye health as well as wearing equipment for eye protection when you’re in the construction business.

It’s a simple way to keep your eyes safe, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t wear the right eye protection because they are lazy.

Get off your smartphones

Do you know that using your smartphones when it is dark before sleeping may result in temporary blindness? It can even damage your vision! In one study, researchers found that women aged between 22 and 40 are more prone to have “transient smartphone blindness” than men.

This condition is when people experience recurring blindness, albeit temporary, for up to 15 minutes after using smartphones while it is dark. If you don’t want to damage your eyes because of your smartphone addiction, pop open a side lamp.

Don’t rub your eyes

Apart from causing dark under eye circles, rubbing your eyes with your hands can cause eye infections because of the transfer of bacteria and germs. Rubbing your eyes can also permanently damage your cornea. If you feel an itch, rub gently or take a prescribed medication to deal with the itchiness.

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Sometimes, the simplest things can do the most damage. And there are times when the simplest solutions can offer long-term protection. Keep these reminders in mind so you can protect your eye health.