3 SEO Myths Debunked and What to Do Instead

SEOEveryone knows how important search engine optimization is nowadays. In fact, many people rely on the web to find businesses that offer what they want or need. Without SEO, you can’t appear on top of search results and users won’t even know a business like yours exist. However, you should be careful what SEO strategies to follow and what to leave behind. Here are three SEO myths you need to stop believing for the benefit of your website’s SEO value:

Images and Videos Can’t Help

You may have heard that SEO is all about keywords and meta data, so it’s not important to use images and videos on your content. That is absolutely not true because these media also contain SEO elements that can help search engines classify your site even better. Using images and videos relevant to the keywords and content can improve user-experience. Make sure the filename, alt tag, and alt attribute are SEO-friendly for these media to work efficiently.

You Can’t Build Links Anymore

As link building schemes have already been penalized, some website owners think you can’t build links anymore and that you must earn them individually by gaining more credibility and collaborating more. With the right SEO services, however, coforge.com and other digital marketing experts say that you can still build links naturally, healthily, and efficiently without breaking any rule. How? By doing research as to what content your audience shares, targeting your outreach to get quality editorial backlinks, and using tools like BlogDash and AuthorCrawl to target relevant bloggers who can help you out.

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Keyword Density

Some people still believe that having many keywords in a single content is healthy, but the opposite is true. Instead, what you should do is target specific keywords and have a variety. Do it in a way that adds value to your target audience. Use your chosen keywords in the URL, title tag, headlines, subheads, and content body, but do it naturally and in a way that doesn’t disrupt the flow.

Forget these myths and follow the suggested actions instead to keep your SEO value high.