3 Reasons Recycling Metal Is a Need These Days

a man looks at a mountain of metal for recyclingThe amount of waste currently plaguing the planet has become alarming, and yet so few initiatives are seriously being implemented. If there were one worthwhile act to do, it would be to recycle metals. Metal recycling does the following for the environment:

1. Cuts greenhouse emissions

With the depletion of naturally-occurring minerals and metals, mining has become more of a hazard than a necessity.

After all, the environmental impact that mining has brought includes dangers such as polluting groundwater, ruining the physicality of the earth, and even resulting in releasing poison into the environment.

By recycling metals, there are fewer greenhouses gas emissions produced compared to creating new metals from mining. At the same time, mining no longer becomes the priority, but rather a supplementary resort with metal recycling.

2. Conserves energy for creating metals

While metal recycling takes up extra energy, it does save the energy potentially spent on drilling for the ore of choice. Drilling and polishing metals in their raw form take so much energy, a single aluminium can’s production energy is worth the same as recycling 20 of the same item.

This goes for other metals, including steel and copper, which are among the most used in common items. We could use the kind of energy saved for other more beneficial things, such as powering entire communities.

3. Solves landfill problems

The rate of rubbish creation has become so alarming that even landfills are in danger of overflowing. Ideally, landfills are for storing waste in an organised manner to allow them to decompose without affecting the environment too much.

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However, the poor rate of recycling has resulted in some metals such as copper and copper alloy to find their way into landfills when they are not recycled.

As much as possible, landfills should not include recyclable items to avoid filling them up too abruptly and disrupting the system of waste disposal.

Doing one’s part in saving the environment can be in the form of these little steps. With metals being easier to recycle than plastics, metal recycling is a good habit to get into.