3 Common Event Disasters You Could Easily Tackle

Woman Planning for an EventIf you’ve been in the event planning business for a while, then you know that no amount of experience or planning can avert the odd hairy moment every once in a while. Fortunately, there are things you can do when the unexpected happens to prevent it from ruining everything.

Here are some of the most recurring event disasters and how you can tackle them.

1. There’s a major problem with the venue.

Imagine it’s two days before your event, and the venue manager calls to inform you that the venue has been flooded or has been razed by a fire. You rush to the phone and call an alternate private event space in New York and are lucky to find a suitable one.

The only problem is that the venue is in another part of the city. What you need to do is find effective ways to inform the attendees promptly. Use multiple channels, from social media to emails.

2. Transport to your venue has been disrupted.

This is another event planner’s nightmare. There can be a major transportation disruption as a result of highway accidents, torrential rains, or road damage. If it happens on the morning of your event, the best you can do is to keep your attendees informed of alternative means to get to your venue.

3. Your expected speaker backs out.

You’re still feeling good about having secured a top VIP speaker when their representative calls to say that they can’t make it. Something more important has come up.

The problem is you’ve been shouting to the whole world about the celebrated speaker’s keynote. What should you do? Inform your attendees right away. Have a refund policy in case some people ask for their money back.

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Every industry has unexpected challenges that those in charge must tackle, and event planning is no different. By anticipating some of the painful disasters that might happen, you can take prompt action and rescue your event in time.