3 Common Causes of Deadly Falls at Construction Sites

Injured construction worker who just fell from the ladderAs modern cities continue to grow vertically, project managers need to find ways to keep the personnel working at height safely. Injuries and fatalities caused by falls are not uncommon. To implement the best safety strategies against these accidents, you should know what causes them in the first place. Here are the three recurring reasons for falls from a height:

Failure to deploy proper equipment

Working at height requires specialised equipment, especially when some of the tasks involve tight angles and hard-to-reach places. Unfortunately, some people underestimate this. It is important to know that a fall from a height of two meters and above can be fatal. Find a cherry picker for sale, some sturdy ladders, safety nets and other safety equipment to keep everyone safe.

Failure to brief your workers on safety

While you may have assembled a team of highly competent people to take part in the project, it is still important to talk to them about regularly. Some accidents occur because workers are not aware of the risks involved or how to act appropriately. Before the work begins, hold a meeting where you highlight the risks they will be facing during the project. Ensure everyone understands how to protect themselves and their fellow workers.

Poor worksite maintenance

If your workers are working on scaffolds or other platforms, failure to keep these surfaces free of clutter and debris could increase the risk of a slip, trip, and fall. Ladders that are not properly maintained compound the hazard. Ensuring that the site and equipment are in top condition reduces the probability of accidents happening.

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Falls are among the top causes of worksite injuries and deaths, but they do not have to happen on your site. All it takes is diligent preparation and keenness during the project to keep your construction running without incidents.