3 Beneficial Ways to Use Stump Grindings

tree stump

Just like other plants, trees do not live forever. At times, you will have to cut them down, or they may die on their own. Whatever the cause for their removal, trees leave stumps behind. These make your landscape unsightly and can cause accidents.

If you want them gone, it is best to hire specialist for proper elimination. Seek out professionals offering removal and tree stump grinding in Tauranga to ease disposal. Once you have the grindings, here are 3 beneficial ways you can use them:

1. Use the grindings for mulching

Mulching prevents water loss from the soil by reducing the rate of evaporation. It also insulates the soil and prevents weeds from sprouting while making it easy to remove existing ones. To make a mulch, move the grindings to the garden where you need to use them, and spread them on the soil to form a layer of about an inch. Using mulching will not only make your garden productive but will also save you money.

2. Make compost

Compost adds nutrients and helps add organic matter to the soil. To make compost, use a plastic container or make a compost pit and dump in the grindings. Add other wastes like vegetables and fruit peels from the kitchen to increase its efficiency. Stir the mixture regularly to facilitate fast decomposition. After about three months, the compost will be ready for use.

3. Use it as a source of fuel

Just like other pieces of wood, stump grindings burn relatively well. They can be used for small or controlled fires thus saving fuel for a while. These bits coming from stumps can also be used for biomass reactors to provide heat and even further, power engines.

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When considering different methods of discarding stumps following tree removal, consider grinding them. This way you can reuse them, and you won’t have to worry about their disposal.